Employee Health Advisory Program

EHAP is an abbreviation for Employee Health Advisory Program. In US, it's more known as EAP or Employee Assistance Program, where their scope can be as wide as to provide other non medical assistance, e.g. Legal, financial etc. We at INP focusses more on health as we work from a hospital based platform. We extend our telehealth services to provide offshore medical emergencies (psychological traumas, death, stress and anxieties etc).

EHAP system is a self-assessment and help online system that addresses all psychological cases (including paediatric psychology) and we are privileged to do Inter referral to other specialists at any hospital in Malaysia

We also work with police departments (involving threats, reports by employees, domestic violence), the Agensi Dadah for substance abuses, Rehab centres for addictions (gambling, sexual, anger etc)

EHAP is pretty much based on 3 factors:

  • If the person is a danger to himself
  • potentially a danger to others
  • If there's is a child abuse involved

We are proud to share that EHAP at INP has been in partnership with ExxonMobil in Malaysia for more than a decade. We do support other corporations as well through Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur, our partner hospital.