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Winchill is our state-of-the-art Winter Maintenance System. We provide automatic control and monitoring of gritting (de-icing) process. Real-time automatic control is achieved through the integration of GPS, mobile communication, digital mapping and interface to the controllers in gritting vehicles. Real-time reports can be generated to identify that roads are gritted as required.


MyThalassaemia is a national registry for thalassaemia disease. Thalassaemia is a hereditary blood disorder and is common in countries stretching from the Mediterranean to South East Asia. Our web-based system captures extensive laboratory and treatment data and produces valuable reports for monitoring and formulation of national policy for curbing the spread of thalassaemia.


MyHaemophilia is a national haemophilia registry which is similar to MyThalassaemia but focusses on haemophilia patients.


MyLis is our web-based laboratory information system. MyLis takes takes data directly from laboratory equipment and the results are visible to doctors immediately after release. Our user-friendly system is cost-effective. Laboratory results are grouped by patients making it easy to look at patients laboratory tests history.

Kawasaki Disease Registry

Kawasaki Disease Registry is a national Kawasaki disease registry which is similar to MyThalassaemia but focusses on Kawasaki disease patients.

e-HAP System

EHAP is an abbreviation for Employee Health Advisory Program. In the USA, it's more known as EAP or Employee Assistance Program, where their scope can be as wide as to provide other non medical assistance, e.g. Legal, financial etc. We at INP focusses more on health as we work from a hospital based platform. We extend our telehealth services to provide offshore medical emergencies (psychological traumas, death, stress and anxieties etc).

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