About MyThalassaemia

MyThalassaemia is one of our computerised diseases registries. We also develop other diseases registries such as the Haemophilia registy. We are actively providing software solution since 2003 and are particularly active in the United Kingdom and Malaysia.

Our Strength

MyThalassaemia is a user friendly system that has been developed over several years. Some of the strengths are

  • A comprehensive registry that hold patients diagnosis and treatment records
  • In use by the Ministry of Health Malaysia since 2007
  • Extensive reporting for management, planning and research purposes
  • Constantly being updated with new features

There is no other thalassaemia registry in the world that can match MyThalassaemia or come close to it.


MyTalasemia is our version for the Malaysian Ministry of Health and it is the largest thalassaemia registry in the world.

Patients Large set of patients' records from birth

Hospitals Used by participating government and university hospitals

States Reports can be produced based on center, state or national

Years Data collected since 2007


MyThalassaemia has numerous reports on patients, centres, states as well as national. Reports can also be produced for any specified year. Sample reports below are based on test data to show what the system is capable of reporting.

Ferritin Level

Patient serum ferriten trend

Height chart

Height against growth curve

Weight Chart

Weight against growth curve

Survival Analysis

Kaplan Meier Survival Analysis


Breakdown by diagnosis


Breakdown by chelation


Breakdown by ethnic


Breakdown by age group

Thalassaemia in Malaysia

Status of thalassaemia in Malaysia published in BMJ with data extracted from our system.